Zayn Malik’s Situationship Exposed on TikTok: Sam Fisher Faces Backlash

Zayn Malik, known for his private life, has been thrust into the spotlight by TikTok user Sam Fisher, who claims to have had a nine-month-long situationship with the singer.

Sam Fisher’s Revelations

In a series of videos, Fisher alleges that Malik asked her to arrange threesomes around 40 times after learning about her bisexuality. She also claims that Malik gave more attention to the other woman during a threesome and that he continually requested similar arrangements.

Screenshots and Evidence

Fisher has shared screenshots of alleged text messages between her and Malik, as well as proof that Malik viewed her TikTok stories from his verified account.

Public Backlash

Despite Fisher’s apparent intention to gain sympathy, her videos have been met with negative feedback and backlash.

  • Some TikTokers have expressed their disbelief and questioned the authenticity of her claims.
  • Others have criticized Fisher for exposing Malik’s private life, believing she has ruined her chances of being with him.
  • Some have even commented on the importance of celebrities enforcing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with those they socialize with.

Zayn Malik’s Silence

Malik has yet to respond to the drama, and Fisher’s videos remain available on TikTok.