Why Are Below Deck Reunions Gone?

In the past year, only one Below Deck show had a reunion. Fans are wondering why Bravo has stopped having reunions for the popular yachting franchise.

What Happened to the Reunions?

Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph revealed that the cast of Below Deck Down Under Season 2 decided not to have a reunion to protect Margot Sisson from having to relive her experience with Luke Jones.

However, no reason was given for the lack of reunions for Below Deck Med Season 8, Below Deck Season 10, Below Deck Adventure Season 1, and Below Deck Down Under Season 1. Bravo simply moved on to the next series in the franchise.

Why Are Reunions Important?

Reunions are a chance for the cast and crew to come together and discuss the season’s events. They also give fans a chance to ask questions and get more insight into the show.

Why Are Reunions Not Happening?

Scheduling is one possible reason why reunions are not happening. The yachties are working, and it can be difficult to get everyone together for a reunion.

Another possibility is that Bravo is not as invested in the Below Deck franchise as it is in other shows like Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm.

What Can Fans Do?

Fans can express their disappointment to Bravo and Andy Cohen on social media. They can also suggest that Kate Chastain, a former Below Deck cast member, host the reunions.

The Future of Reunions

It is unclear whether Below Deck reunions will ever return. Fans will have to wait and see if Bravo decides to bring them back.