The Curse of Oak Island: Lot 5 and the Money Pit Connection

Lot 5: A Link to the Money Pit

The Curse of Oak Island team has uncovered a direct link between the strange stone structures on Lot 5 and the Money Pit. The show’s episode, titled “Rick and Mortar,” focuses on Lot 5 and its two buried stone structures, a circular one and a rectangular one.

Archaeologists have found pottery, coins, and Venetian glass beads on Lot 5, with most artifacts dating back to the mid-18th century, a few decades before the discovery of the Money Pit in 1795. The team believes that the treasure depositors had a “staging area” or base on Lot 5 connected to their activities at the Money Pit.

Archaeometallurgist Emma Culligan stated that a recent sample from Lot 5 is “almost an exact match to a Money Pit sample!” This suggests a strong connection between the two sites.

Money Pit: A Possible Piece of the Treasure Vault

Geologist Terry Mathes and his team have recovered a chunk of metal from the Money Pit area. Terry believes it could be a piece of the treasure vault that they have been searching for.

Garden Shaft: Probing for the Elusive Tunnel

The team continues to probe drill at the base of the Garden Shaft, hoping to confirm the existence of a tunnel running toward the Baby Blob.

Swamp Dig: A Giant Boulder and Nolan’s Cross

Billy Gerhardt, Billy Drayton, and Rick continue their dig in the swamp, finding timber that may be part of a dam-like structure. They also come across a giant boulder that Rick thinks may be connected to Nolan’s Cross.

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