The Challenge Season 39: Episode 17 Recap

Who Got Purged and Eliminated?


  • Michele Fitzgerald


  • Olivia Kaiser
  • James Lock

The Challenge


  • Competitors had to hold onto ropes and stay on a spinning cylinder.
  • The first five to drop competed in the loser’s heat, while the rest competed in the winner’s heat.
  • Olivia and Michele were the first two to drop, followed by Moriah Jadea, Colleen Schneider, and Emanuel.

Winner’s Heat:

  • Nurys, James Lock, Jay, Corey Lay, and Berna Canbeldek competed.
  • James and Berna were the last two standing, with James winning.

Loser’s Heat:

  • Michele couldn’t hold on any longer and dropped into the water, resulting in her elimination.

The Conquest Elimination


  • Corey by Berna
  • Colleen by Corey

Not Saved:

  • Nurys
  • Olivia
  • James

The Elimination:

  • Nurys, Olivia, and James competed in an obstacle course with three puzzles.
  • Nurys solved the puzzles quickly and won her second straight elimination.


  • Nurys returned to the Challenge house, where some castmates were happy to see her, while others were not.
  • The episode ended with the remaining cast enjoying some time at the club, but TJ was seen walking into the club, possibly indicating that he had some news for the cast.