The Bachelor: Viewers Criticize Production for Insensitive Date Choice

Daisy Kent, a contestant on Season 28 of The Bachelor, scored the first one-on-one date with Joey Graziadei. Daisy, who has hearing loss and wears a cochlear implant, was excited about the date, but viewers were shocked when they learned that Joey had planned a helicopter ride and a music festival for their outing.

Production Under Fire for Thoughtless Date

The Bachelor viewers were quick to criticize production for setting up a date that was clearly not appropriate for Daisy’s hearing loss. They pointed out that the helicopter ride would have been difficult for Daisy to hear due to her cochlear implant, and that the music festival would have been a loud and chaotic environment for someone who already struggles with loud noises.

Viewers React on Social Media

On social media, viewers expressed their frustration with production’s decision. One viewer tweeted, “Daisy has hearing issues and her date is a HELICOPTER!?” Another viewer posted a meme that said, “Me if I ever get to talk to production about sending Daisy on a date where she has to use headsets in a helicopter and listen to music at a festival when they know she feels anxiety about how to tell Joey about her cochlear implant.”

Joey Unaware of Daisy’s Hearing Loss

While viewers were criticizing production, they also expressed their support for Joey and Daisy as a couple. Many fans of the show believe that they are a perfect match, and they were impressed by how caring and considerate Joey was when he learned about Daisy’s hearing loss.

The Bachelor Airs on Mondays

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.