The Bachelor Producers’ Questionable One-on-One Dates

Are The Bachelor producers trolling us this season? It seems like they’re giving the ladies the exact opposite of what they would want on a dream one-on-one date.

Daisy’s Helicopter Ride and Music Festival

Last week, Joey took Daisy on a helicopter ride and then to a music festival. Daisy has hearing loss and a cochlear implant, so it was difficult for her to hear Joey over the loud noise.

Jenn’s Surfing Date

On the most recent episode, Joey took Jenn on a surfing date, even though she’s afraid of the ocean.

The Bachelor Viewers React

Bachelor viewers were quick to point out the fact that production keeps sending these ladies on totally inappropriate dates.

One viewer tweeted, “Jenn: I’m scared of the ocean. Producers: ‘Put her in the ocean.'”

Another viewer wrote, “The One-On-One dates so far: Daisy (hearing impaired): Helicopter ride and concert. Jenn (scared of the ocean): Surfing …WTF is wrong with Bachelor Producers this season??”

The Bachelor Viewers Love Daisy and Jenn

Despite the questionable dates, Bachelor viewers have fallen in love with both Daisy and Jenn. They’ve been good-natured and even enjoyed these dates that were seemingly designed to throw them off.

Who Will Be the Next Fan Favorite?

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. We’ll have to wait and see who fans fall in love with next.