The Bachelor: Jesse Palmer’s Thoughts on the Maria-Sydney Drama

The Ongoing Feud

The 28th season of The Bachelor is heating up, and so is the drama between Sydney and Maria. Maria made a bold entrance with a Canadian flag and has been a hot topic ever since. Initially, viewers didn’t like her, but after weeks of drama with Sydney Gordon, they’re firmly on her side. Sydney has accused Maria of bullying and verbal abuse, creating tension among the cast.

Jesse Palmer’s Neutral Stance

Despite the ongoing feud, Jesse Palmer, the show’s host, remains neutral. He believes it’s tricky to pick sides because the conflict stems from personal experiences. He suggests there might be more to the story than what’s shown on TV.

Sydney and Maria’s Feud Continues

Last week, viewers hoped Joey would eliminate Sydney to end the drama, but that didn’t happen. The feud started when Sydney claimed Maria was age-shaming Madina. Maria confronted Sydney in front of the other contestants, leading to a heated exchange. Maria has remained calm, calling the drama “stupid,” while Sydney continues to twist Maria’s words and take offense.

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Drama

The sneak peek for next week’s episode hints at more drama in Malta. Sydney complains to Joey again, accusing Maria of bullying and name-calling. This threatens to turn the romantic trip into more Bachelor drama.

The Bachelor’s Airing Schedule

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC, with a special Tuesday episode coming up next week at 8/7c.