Survivor 46 Voting Booth Gets a Major Makeover: Fans React

Changes to the Voting Booth

Survivor 46 is introducing more than just a new cast of players. A photo of the new voting booth has been circulating on social media, generating mixed reactions among fans.

The voting booth, where castaways secretly cast their votes at Tribal Council, has undergone a significant transformation. The new booth is well-lit, providing more privacy for the voters. Some fans speculate that the extra lighting may be intended for host Jeff Probst and toned down during episodes.

Fan Reactions

While some fans are excited about the new voting booth, others are not so enthusiastic. Some have criticized the booth for being too well-lit and not resembling an on-location shot. Others have expressed concerns that the secluded nature of the booth may lead to more gimmicks and less transparency in the voting process.

Other Survivor 46 News

In addition to the new voting booth, there are other updates from Survivor 46:

  • The cast bios for the 18 new players competing for the $1 million prize have been released.
  • One castaway shared a story about getting a hanger stuck in his eye, highlighting the challenges and risks that come with being on the show.
  • Recent Survivor Sia Award winners attended a party in Los Angeles, hosted by Sia, a big fan of the show who has given out cash prizes to her favorite castaways in recent seasons.

Season Premiere

The Survivor 46 season premiere airs on Wednesday, February 28 at 8/7c on CBS. The two-hour installment will provide fans with bonus coverage to kick off the new season.