Survivor 46: Hot Takes from the Cast

The Survivor 46 cast members have shared their thoughts on the upcoming season, and they have some strong opinions.

Fire Tokens: A Comeback?

Ben Katzman believes that Fire Tokens should make a comeback in the game. He thinks that they need to be used more and that a higher currency should be built up. He believes that this would give players more room to make serious decisions.

Last Gasp Challenge: A Nightmare

Two cast members, Maria Shrime Gonzalez and Moriah Gaynor, have expressed their dislike for the Last Gasp Challenge. Maria called it a nightmare and said she would be the first one out if it was in her season. Moriah said it was not a good challenge and that it didn’t make for good TV.

Fabio: An Underrated Winner

Jess Chong believes that Fabio, the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua, is an underrated winner. She wants to play like him in the upcoming season.

Other Hot Takes

  • Another Survivor 46 player shared how a hanger became lodged in his eye.
  • Survivor 46 debuts on February 28 on CBS.