Sunny Who? Killer Mike Tells Sunny Not to Lie on Him on The View

The political season is here, making everyone edgy, including the women on The View. Every guest and host has their own views and motivations about who to vote for and why, which sometimes causes tensions on The View.

It’s one thing for the women to spar with each other, but it goes to another level when a guest feels backed into a corner and reprimands one of the women. That’s what happened with one particular guest.

Killer Mike was on the show talking about winning three Grammy awards for his music, and things didn’t go as well as he had planned.

Killer Mike, whose given name is Michael Santiago Render, is an American rapper and political activist. After the women spoke to him about his Grammy win, drugs, and an alleged post-Grammys incident, Sunny got into a spat with him and was told off.

“Don’t Lie on Me”

Killer Mike told Sunny on The View.

The eloquent Killer Mike graciously answered all their questions, and then Alyssa Farah Griffin asked him about not endorsing President Joe Bidden’s election yet. Killer Mike explained his focus on his city and state first and then on the more significant federal issues. He said he is “hyperlocal” and that if you don’t know who your city or mayor is, “you are just part of who runs the Super bowl.”

Killer Mike said some positive things about his state’s govenor, Republican, and Sunny took off from there. She didn’t like that, so she ranted, “You lost me with the support of the K-man.”

It was then that Killer Mike said she was spreading misinformation. He said she may not like him, “but don’t lie on me.” He was accusing her of putting words in his mouth that he didn’t say.

Sunny’s Rough Time

It’s been a rough month for Sunny. She was recently found to have ancestors who were enslavers when she went on the Finding Your Routes program, as reported on TV Verdict.

The View put the whole segment where Killer Mike clearly explained his viewpoints on their YouTube channel.

Fans Agreed with Killer Mike

The View fans agreed with Killer Mike when he sparred with Sunny.

The View account on Twitter, now called X, shared a clip of the segment and asked viewers to watch Killer Mike. After watching, fans began to share their thoughts.

One fan said, “I didn’t like what Sunny said regarding Killer Mike working with the republican [sic] govenor of ATL on some social programs.”

Another said they agreed with Killer Mike, “local vote is very important.”

Fans of The View can only assume that the political fights will not let up until the presidential election ends. The View can be seen weekdays at 11 am on the American Broadcasting Company (ACB).