Sunny Hostin’s Disappointment with “Finding Your Roots” Results

Sunny Hostin, co-host of The View, recently appeared on “Finding Your Roots” with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The show uses DNA and paper records to trace the ancestry of famous people. Sunny had tears when Whoopi Goldberg opened the show and began speaking to her about her ancestry results.

Sunny shared that she was reluctant to participate in the show because she “sensed that there could be something in [her] family history that would be disappointing.” Her suspicions were confirmed when she learned that her ancestors on her mother’s side were enslavers.

Sunny was deeply disappointed by this revelation. She said that her mother’s family moved from Spain to Puerto Rico to continue the “family business” of slavery after the slave trade ended in Spain.

Sunny posted photos of her appearance on “Finding Your Roots” on her Instagram Reels, even though she was not pleased with the results. She felt that she needed to promote the show despite her disappointment.

Sunny also spoke about her disappointment on The View. She said that she needs to be more mindful of what she shares about her family, as her words can be heard by millions of people.

Sunny Hostin’s Decision to Share Less About Her Family

Sunny Hostin has decided to share less about her family in the future. She said that her son, Gabriel, has asked her to slow down and not reveal as much about their lives. Her husband, Manny, also gets upset by comments on social media.

Sunny admitted that she sometimes forgets that three million people can hear when she says something. She said, “I have to rethink what I share about members of the family.”


Sunny Hostin is a great mother and wife. She is also a talented journalist and television personality. However, she has realized that she needs to be more mindful of what she shares about her family in the public eye.