Sia’s Survivor Party with Her Favorite Players

Sia’s Love for Survivor

Sia is a huge fan of Survivor and loves celebrating her favorite players. She often awards cash prizes to players she enjoys on the show. Following the Survivor 45 season, Sia gave out three cash prizes to cast members.

Sia’s Cash Prizes

Sia has awarded cash prizes to several players over the years, including Aurora McCreary, Elaine Stott, Owen Knight, Katurah Topps, Kaleb Gebrewold, and Jake O’Kane.

Sia’s Party with Survivor 45 Alums

Sia recently partied with Survivor 45 alums Katurah Topps, Jake O’Kane, and Kaleb Gebrewold in Los Angeles. They shared photos and videos of the event on social media, expressing their gratitude to Sia for her support.

Sia’s Party with Survivor 44 Alums

Sia also invited her favorite Survivor 44 alums to the Los Angeles party, including Carolyn Wiger, Carson Garrett, and Lauren Harpe. They also shared photos and videos of the event on social media.

Upcoming Survivor Season

A new season of Survivor, Survivor 46, is on the way. It will debut on February 28 on CBS. Previous Survivor 44 and Survivor 45 episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+.