Sara Haines and Joy Behar Clash Over Elmo’s Identity on The View

Elmo and Larry David’s Controversial Encounter

Larry David’s recent encounter with Elmo on The Today Show sparked a heated debate on The View. During a segment where David crossed paths with the beloved muppet, he acted outrageously and accosted Elmo. This led to widespread criticism and outrage, with many people calling for David to apologize.

Sara Haines and Joy Behar’s Disagreement

On The View, the ladies discussed the incident, leading to a division among them. Joy Behar defended David’s actions, describing Elmo as “just a puppet.” This prompted Sara Haines to yell at Behar, correcting her and emphasizing that Elmo is a muppet, not a puppet. The disagreement escalated, with Haines hitting Behar in the shoulder and exclaiming, “There’s a difference!”

Alyssa Farah Griffin’s Involvement

Alyssa Farah Griffin attempted to intervene, explaining to Behar how beloved Elmo is. However, Behar remained steadfast in her stance, reiterating that Elmo is a puppet.

Sara Haines’ History of Intense Moments on The View

This isn’t the first time Haines has displayed intense emotions on The View. Recently, she asked Common if he was dating Whoopi Goldberg, nearly causing a scandal. She also engaged in a verbal altercation with Ana Navarro over Martin Luther King Day, expressing her belief that children should be made to feel remorseful about the country’s racist history and slavery.

Social Media Reactions

The incident sparked reactions on social media, with fans expressing their opinions on whether Elmo is a muppet or a puppet. Many agreed that Larry David’s behavior was inappropriate, regardless of Elmo’s classification.


Despite the disagreement between Haines and Behar, most people can agree that Elmo is a beloved character who should not be subjected to insults or violence.