Ryan Seacrest’s Height Insecurity on LIVE with Kelly and Mark

Ryan Seacrest made a guest appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Mark, taking a break from his busy schedule, including American Idol and his upcoming Wheel of Fortune hosting gig. Mark was thrilled to see Ryan, their friendship evident as Kelly referred to them as each other’s “Wingmen.”

During their chat, Mark mentioned to Kelly that Ryan seemed taller. This comment sparked a conversation about Ryan’s insecurities about his height. Kelly and Mark had recently returned from a postponed trip to see the Northern Lights and wanted to share their experience with their old friend Ryan.

Despite their close friendship, Kelly had to put Ryan in his place during the show, as reported by TV Verdict. This incident may have added to Ryan’s insecurities about his height.

Ryan’s Height Insecurity

During the interview, Kelly mentioned that Mark thought Ryan looked taller. Ryan showed some insecurity about his height compared to Mark’s. Both men are the same height, 5 foot 7 1/2, according to Celebheights, but Ryan wanted to appear taller that day.

Ryan revealed to Mark and Kelly that he had been noticing the shoes Mark wore with heels. He admitted to buying heeled shoes specifically for the show to appear taller than Mark. Mark responded with surprise, as Ryan’s heels were higher than his.

Ryan joked that he wanted to come on the show with “real power,” implying that the extra height in his shoes gave him a sense of confidence.

Fan Reactions

Fans of the show were delighted to see Ryan back on LIVE with Kelly and Mark. They expressed their love for Ryan and their enjoyment of the episode. Many commented on Ryan’s charm and handsomeness, while others appreciated his singing skills.

Overall, fans enjoyed the reunion of Kelly, Mark, and Ryan, even if it was just for a brief show. LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.