Ryan Gosling’s Inspiration for Ken in the Barbie Movie: The Bachelorette

The Barbie movie, released almost a year ago, continues to generate buzz among moviegoers. Initially perceived as a lighthearted entertainment, it transformed into an empowering experience for women. Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken earned him an Oscar nomination, sparking controversy as director Greta Gerwig and star Margot Robbie were overlooked for top honors.

Gosling recently shed light on his inspiration for the role, revealing his fascination with reality TV, particularly The Bachelorette. He admitted to drawing parallels between Ken and the contestants on the show.

Ken and The Bachelorette Contestants

Gosling observed that each contestant on The Bachelorette has distinct characteristics, such as wearing glasses or an earring. He noted that if Ken were to adopt these traits, it would infringe on their identity. Thus, Ken’s identity became the mink, symbolizing his unique essence.

Gosling further compared Ken’s situation to that of the Bachelorette contestants, who eagerly await the Bachelorette’s attention and validation. He drew a parallel between Ken’s dependence on Barbie’s attention and the contestants’ reliance on the Bachelorette’s acknowledgment.

The Bachelorette: Fan Favorites and Least Favorites

The Bachelor’s recent episodes have sparked discussions among viewers regarding potential leads for the next season of The Bachelorette. Maria Georgas and Katelyn DeBacker have emerged as popular choices, with fans appreciating their resilience and likability. Other contenders include Jenn Tran, Lea Cayanan, and Lexi Young.

On the flip side, Sydney Gordon’s confrontations with Maria and the ensuing bullying scandal have made her a least favorite among viewers. Madina Alam and Jess Edwards have also received negative feedback.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC, with a special Tuesday episode scheduled for next week at the same time.