Robin Roberts and Amy Robach’s Friendship: A Post-Affair Update

Amy Robach Celebrates Milestone Birthday Amidst Strained Friendship with Robin Roberts

On Tuesday, Amy Robach turned 50 and celebrated her milestone birthday. The former GMA3 co-anchor shared photos and videos of the festivities on her Instagram story, receiving love and well wishes from friends.

However, one notable absence from the birthday shoutouts was her former colleague and friend, Robin Roberts. This has sparked speculation that their friendship may have been affected by Robach’s extramarital affair with TJ Holmes, which led to their dismissal from ABC over a year ago.

No Public Birthday Wishes from Robin Roberts

While Robach received birthday messages from several friends, including Sara Haines, there was no mention or celebration of her birthday on Robin Roberts’ Instagram. It’s unclear if Roberts reached out privately to wish Robach a happy birthday.

Other ABC colleagues like Michael Strahan and TJ Holmes also didn’t publicly share birthday wishes, but it’s possible they sent private messages.

Strained Friendship and Past Support

Roberts and Robach had a close friendship before the affair scandal. Roberts encouraged Robach to get screened for breast cancer, leading to an early diagnosis and treatment in 2013.

However, after the news of the affair broke, speculation arose that Roberts may have decided to distance herself from Robach.

Robach’s Podcast Comments on Friendship Status

In an episode of their podcast, “Amy & T.J.,” Robach addressed the question of whether their colleagues abandoned them after the affair. She mentioned receiving initial support and love from colleagues, specifically naming Sara Haines as a friend who remained supportive.

However, she hinted that some colleagues may have cut ties, saying, “I don’t know how people feel about being aligned with us now.”

Continued Relationship with TJ Holmes

Robach and Holmes have continued their relationship despite the scandal. While Holmes didn’t publicly post a birthday message for Robach, it’s possible they celebrated privately.

The former GMA3 hosts have started a podcast where they discuss their affair, relationship, and the resulting drama.