Queen Camilla Shares Update on King Charles During Her Royal Engagements

Queen Camilla has been the face of the monarchy recently, as King Charles and Kate Middleton have been recovering from health issues.

King Charles and Kate Middleton’s Health Issues

King Charles recently underwent prostate surgery, while Kate Middleton had abdominal surgery. Both have canceled their public engagements to focus on their recovery.

Queen Camilla’s Busy Schedule

Queen Camilla has been stepping up to fulfill royal duties in the absence of King Charles and Kate Middleton. She has attended several events, including a reception at Windsor Castle and a visit to a cancer support center.

Queen Camilla’s Update on King Charles

During a visit to a charity in Bath, Queen Camilla was asked about King Charles’s health. She replied that he is recovering well from his surgery.

Kate Middleton’s Recovery

Kate Middleton is also recovering at home after her surgery. She has canceled all her public engagements through Easter.

When Will King Charles and Kate Middleton Return to Public Duties?

It is not yet known when King Charles and Kate Middleton will return to their public duties. King Charles is resting at home, while Kate Middleton is expected to resume her duties after Easter.

Queen Camilla’s Role in the Royal Family

Until everyone is well again, Queen Camilla will continue to be the driving force behind the royal duties.