Oak Island: New Discovery Under the Garden Shaft

Tunnel Hit:
The Curse of Oak Island team celebrated after discovering clear evidence of a tunnel under the Garden Shaft. After weeks of frustration and flooding, Dumas began drilling at the bottom of the shaft. At 97 feet, the drill struck something, revealing a hefty chunk of wood. The team sent the wood for Carbon-14 dating, hoping for a pre-1790s date. This tunnel is believed to run under the Garden Shaft and lead to the Baby Blob, where they expect to find precious metals. Marty Lagina exclaimed, “We are back in the game!”

No More ‘Big Dig’ This Season:
Unfortunately, there will be no new “big dig” this season. The Lagina brothers concluded they don’t have enough time to bring in large caissons. The focus will remain on the Garden Shaft, as initially planned.

Venetian Beads and Portuguese Artifacts:

On Lot 5, archaeologists recovered tiny colorful beads from a circular stone feature. Bead expert Philip Doucette confirmed they were “definitely” from Venice, dating back to 1500-1650. These beads were considered high-value items, with just a few purchasing a beaver pelt. They were often used as currency by Portuguese sailors and merchants. This discovery supports the theory that the stone roadway in the swamp could have been built by the Portuguese 500 years ago.

1760s Coin Found:
Laird Niven, Emma Culligan, and Gary Drayton identified an old coin from the circular stone feature. It was an English penny or ha’penny from the 1760s, likely minted during King George III’s reign. Buried near the surface, it suggests older artifacts may be buried deeper.

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