NCIS: Origins: All You Need to Know

NCIS fans are in for a treat this fall, as CBS has announced a new prequel series focusing on Gibbs and Franks. Mark Harmon will be deeply involved in the project, and his son, Sean Harmon, will also be part of the show.

Prequel Setting and Storyline

NCIS: Origins is set in 1991 and will tell stories about a younger Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Michael Aaron Franks. The series will provide insights into their early days as NCIS agents, working out of an office at Camp Pendleton. Mark Harmon will narrate the series, likely providing opening and closing remarks for each episode.

Production Team

Mark Harmon will serve as one of the executive producers, along with Sean Harmon, Gina Lucita Monreal, and David J. North. Gina and David have been NCIS writers for ten years, and David is currently a co-showrunner and executive producer on NCIS.


The show is currently casting for the role of Gibbs. Sean Harmon has played Gibbs in flashback episodes of NCIS, but the new series will feature a different actor in the role.

Release Date

NCIS: Origins is slated to premiere in the 2024-2025 television season on CBS. The network has ordered the series and will air it in one of the primetime slots in the fall.

Additional NCIS News

  • NCIS Season 21 has a full-length trailer with footage from upcoming episodes.
  • The episode count for NCIS Season 21 has been reduced, resulting in fewer episodes for fans to enjoy.
  • An upcoming episode will pay tribute to actor David McCallum, who played Ducky on the show for years and passed away during the hiatus.
  • Michael Weatherly has expressed interest in reprising his role as DiNozzo.