Michele Fitzgerald: Grateful for a Break from The Challenge After Season 39

Impressive Season, Unexpected Exit

Michele Fitzgerald made a mark on The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion, navigating the complexities of a large alliance. Despite her hard work, cultivating friendships and managing personalities, her friends progressed further than she did. In Episode 17, Michele was purged after falling into the water during the Drumroll daily challenge, dashing her hopes of reaching the final and winning.

Reflecting on the Journey

Despite the disappointment, Michele gracefully bowed out, with host TJ Lavin and castmates bidding her farewell. She expressed pride in her gameplay, but also acknowledged the need for a break.

Facing Criticism and Hate

Michele received criticism for her Season 39 performance, but she stood by her choices. She tweeted, “I’m proud of the game I played. What is a season without villains and heroes? I wouldn’t change a thing. Proud of myself and my friends for making the final.”

Embracing the Challenge Experience

Michele’s Challenge journey has included three recent seasons: Ride or Dies on MTV, USA 2 on CBS, and Battle For a New Champion. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity, but also welcomed a break after 10 months of intense competition.

Earlier Season Highlights

In Season 39, Michele defeated returning champion Cara Maria Sorbello in an elimination event at The Arena. Her Challenge debut was on Spies, Lies & Allies, where she teamed up with fellow rookies but faced early targeting due to her Survivor win.

Season 40 Rumors

Rumors about the cast for Season 40 are circulating, with several Season 39 stars expected to return, including Olivia, Kyland Young, and possibly Michele. Filming is expected to begin in March.

Current Status

Currently, Michele’s friend Jay is not listed among potential cast members for Season 40. Olivia appears to be the only Season 39 ally joining Michele, as others are MTV veterans with extensive experience on the show.

Tune In

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.