Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix Deal: A Make or Break Moment

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a life-changing deal with Netflix in 2020. The five-year, $100 million contract is nearing its end, and rumors have swirled about its uncertain future.

The couple has faced criticism for their Netflix projects, with some being canceled, including the animated series “Pearl” and their Spotify deal. However, there may be a glimmer of hope for the royal couple.

Netflix Content Officer Reveals Harry and Meghan’s Ongoing Projects

Netflix’s chief content officer, Bela Bajaria, has hinted at upcoming projects with Harry and Meghan. These include unscripted shows, a movie, and a scripted series.

“They have unscripted things they’re working on with Brandon Riegg. And they actually have a movie in development, a [scripted] series that they’re working on. So, all very early development, with a movie, a TV show, and a couple of unscripted shows. But yeah, the movie’s great,” Bela Bajaria stated.

Possible Movie Adaptation of “Meet Me at the Lake”

One potential project is a movie adaptation of Carley Fortune’s book “Meet Me at the Lake.” The story revolves around a couple finding love in their thirties.

Meghan’s Possible Return to “Suits” Spin-Off

There is also speculation that Meghan may join the upcoming “Suits” spin-off television series set in Los Angeles.

Harry and Meghan’s Romantic Trip to Jamaica

Recently, Harry and Meghan made headlines with their trip to Jamaica for the premiere of the Bob Marley film. Media outlets described their outing as a “date night.”

The couple’s public display of affection suggests that their relationship remains strong despite the challenges they have faced.


The future of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal hangs in the balance. If they can deliver compelling content, they may secure a renewal. However, if they fail to meet Netflix’s expectations, their partnership may come to an end.