Maria Georgas Urges for Positivity Amidst The Bachelor Bullying Drama

Maria Georgas, a contestant on The Bachelor, has become the target of escalating bullying from fellow contestant Sydney. Ironically, Sydney has accused Maria of being a bully and verbally attacking her. The situation has become increasingly intense, with Sydney’s behavior worsening and Maria seemingly being the innocent victim of severe accusations.

In the latest episode, Sydney’s actions escalated as she attempted to convince Joey to send Maria home. Based on spoilers, this pattern continues when the group travels to Malta.

Maria has noticed the negative attention Sydney’s actions have garnered on social media. While some have maintained a respectful tone in their discussions, others have resorted to vicious attacks. Maria acknowledges that Sydney’s behavior has been problematic, but she emphasizes that two wrongs don’t make a right.

Maria took to Instagram to address the growing online animosity, urging viewers to “stay positive and kind to all involved.” Despite not explicitly naming Sydney or defending her actions, Maria expressed concern about the escalating hate directed at Sydney.

While Maria may not have been a fan favorite at the start of the season, she has gradually gained popularity among Bachelor Nation, suggesting that she may have a significant presence in future seasons.

However, the feud between Sydney and Maria is intensifying as the show progresses. A sneak peek of an upcoming episode reveals that Sydney continues to spread negative rumors about Maria and attempts to persuade Joey to eliminate her from the competition. The situation is further complicated by the fact that other contestants have indicated that Sydney is exaggerating or fabricating the accusations against Maria.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC, with a special episode scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, at 8/7c.