LIVE with Kelly and Mark Fans Are Disappointed with Another Prerecorded Show

Monday’s Show Was a Rerun

It’s the first week of February, and fans of LIVE with Kelly and Mark were excited to watch a new show on Monday. However, they were disappointed to find out that the show was actually a rerun. Instead of a new episode, viewers were treated to a “Viewers’ Choice” show, which featured clips from past episodes. The only new content was Kelly and Mark’s introductions to the segments.

Fans Are Upset

This isn’t the first time that LIVE with Kelly and Mark has aired a prerecorded show recently. In fact, many of the shows during the Christmas holidays were reruns. Fans are starting to get upset, and some are even calling for the show to be renamed since it’s not actually live very often.

Kelly Ripa May Be Losing Interest

Some fans believe that Kelly Ripa is losing interest in hosting the show. They point to the fact that she has been taking more and more time off, and that she often seems bored or disinterested during the show.

The Future of LIVE with Kelly and Mark

It’s unclear what the future holds for LIVE with Kelly and Mark. The show is still popular, but the recent string of prerecorded shows has left fans feeling disappointed. It’s possible that the show will be canceled or that Kelly Ripa will leave. Only time will tell.

Kelly and Mark in Italy

Kelly, Mark, and at least one of their three children recently took a trip to Italy. They shared photos of their trip on Instagram, including pictures of Mark and Lola at the Italian soccer team stadium where they are part-owners.