Lea Cayanan: The New Villain on The Bachelor

After last night’s episode of The Bachelor, fans are buzzing about Lea Cayanan’s transformation from sweet and soft-spoken to sour and confrontational.

Lea’s Behavior Change

Lea’s change in behavior began after Sydney Gordon was eliminated from the show. Lea was upset that her friend was gone and that the other women didn’t seem to care. She then called out Madina for being nice to Maria, who had just returned to the mansion with a coveted red rose.

Lea also took aim at Maria in her confessional, saying that she was tired of her name being dragged through the mud. She even went so far as to talk to Joey about his decision to keep Maria.

Fans React

Bachelor fans were quick to react to Lea’s behavior, with many calling her the new Sydney. Sydney was a previous contestant on the show who was known for her villainous behavior.

One fan wrote, “Sydney and Lea on The Bachelor are just nasty pieces of work. Just nasty work. They should be proud of themselves. Pathetic.”

Another fan added, “Now that Sydney is gone, Lea has turned into the villain. You shouldn’t throw away the ‘Steal a Date’ Card in the fire in the first place.”

Drama Continues

The drama is far from over on The Bachelor. In the teaser for tonight’s episode, it looks like the Maria takedown is just getting started.

Tune in to ABC on Mondays at 8/7c and for a special Tuesday episode on February 13 at 8/7c to see how it all unfolds.