Lauren Hollinger’s Red Velvet Cake Moment and Sister Allison’s Comments on Her “Tantrum”

Lauren Hollinger and her sister Allison made waves in Bachelor Nation when they both competed for Joey Graziadei’s heart on Season 28 of The Bachelor. The unique twist didn’t sit well with many viewers, and even Joey expressed his discomfort with the situation.

Lauren’s journey on the show was short-lived, and her exit was marked by a dramatic outburst where she threw a cake that had been gifted to her. Now, Lauren is reflecting on her time on the show and sharing some lighthearted moments with her followers.

Lauren’s Red Velvet Cake Joke

On Instagram, Lauren shared a photo of herself enjoying a delicious red velvet cake, poking fun at her previous disappointment over not receiving one on the show. She captioned the post, “Had my cake and ate it too.”

Allison’s Amusing Comments

Lauren’s sister Allison couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. She left two comments on the post, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere. First, she wrote, “Temper tantrum over,” and then followed up with, “Thank god, are you good now?”

The Bachelor Fans’ Disapproval of Jess and Maria

While Lauren’s exit from the show was dramatic, it seems that Bachelor Nation has turned their attention to two other contestants: Jess and Maria. Viewers expressed their displeasure with Jess after she shared a negative past relationship experience with Joey. They also criticized Maria for her outfit choice during a group date, which they found inappropriate.

Upcoming Drama on The Bachelor

A sneak peek of the upcoming episodes teases more drama with Maria and Sydney, as well as the arrival of the ASKN crew from The Golden Bachelor. The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.