Kyle and Dorit’s Shady Behavior on RHOBH

Kyle and Dorit’s Suspicious Behavior in Recent Episode

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley’s behavior in the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has fans talking. During the episode, Kyle and Dorit were seen sitting together in a van while the other cast members were engaged in conversation. At one point, Dorit showed Kyle something on her phone, and Kyle casually used her hand to cover the camera behind them.

RHOBH Fans Accuse Dorit and Kyle of Being ‘Shady’

Fans quickly noticed the moment and took to social media to speculate about what Kyle and Dorit were talking about. Some fans believe that the pair were talking smack about the other cast members, while others think they were simply trying to keep a conversation private.

Kyle and Dorit’s Relationship

Kyle and Dorit have had a rocky relationship this season. Dorit felt left out after Kyle forged a friendship with Morgan Wade. However, in the last episode, it seemed like the two were back on good terms.

Fan Reactions

Fans were quick to react to the shady moment between Kyle and Dorit. Some fans were critical of the pair, while others defended them.

  • “Kyle once again producing deciding what is filmed and what isn’t. She needs to go.”
  • “Both of them being slimy and shady. So gross.”
  • “I saw it too. She was def running her mouth being a mean girl (woman).”
  • “Pretty sure it was something rude about the ceremony and Sutton.”
  • “Omg I love you eagle eyed detectives I never would’ve caught that!”


The shady moment between Kyle and Dorit has left fans wondering what the pair were really talking about. Only time will tell if Kyle or Dorit will ever reveal the truth.