Kelly Severide Leaves Chicago Fire Again: Will He Return?

Chicago Fire fans had to bid farewell to Kelly Severide once more on Wednesday night. This is not the first time Severide has left the show; in Season 11, he departed under similar circumstances, pursuing his passion for arson investigations.

Actor Taylor Kinney requested a leave of absence from the show, prompting the writers to write Severide’s departure. He initially went to Alabama for intensive arson investigation training but later joined a task force. Stella Kidd (played by Miranda Rae Mayo) had to track him down and bring him back to Chicago.

This time, Kidd initially resisted Severide’s departure but eventually relented. Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) stepped into Severide’s spot again.

Severide and Kidd Discuss His Possible Departure

In a crucial scene from the January 31 episode, Severide is reviewing a case file when Kidd approaches him. He tells her, “If you’re not okay with me going, then I won’t go. It’s as simple as that.” He asks her to think it over.

Later, Severide talks to Kidd about the case again, noting that a federal agent was killed and that the case is in Arizona. Kidd tells Severide he should go, allowing him to pursue this opportunity.

Will Kelly Severide Return to Chicago Fire?

Severide’s return to Chicago is likely before Brett moves to Portland, as he cannot miss the wedding between Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) and Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer). There has been no announcement about Taylor Kinney leaving the show permanently, leaving the door open for his return.

The episode ends with Severide assuring Kidd that he will return, even mentioning that he will fix the sink at their place when he gets back.

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