Kelly Ripa Fans Disappointed by Stump Mark Contestant’s Loss

First In-Studio Contestant Loses to Mark Consuelos

In a historic first for Live with Kelly and Mark, a contestant who called in to compete in the show’s trivia contest was actually sitting in the studio audience. Tabitha Blumen from Washington, Pennsylvania, answered her ringing phone live on the air from her seat in the audience, much to the shock and delight of Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, and their fans.

Unfortunately, Tabitha lost the contest to Mark, meaning she didn’t win the usual prize of a mug and t-shirt. This disappointed many fans, who took to social media to express their feelings.

“This was the greatest and they didn’t even give her a cup,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“That was awesome!” another fan agreed.

“Priceless!” a third fan exclaimed.

Show Clarifies That Tabitha Did Receive a Mug and T-Shirt

In response to the fan backlash, the show clarified that Mark had given Tabitha a mug and t-shirt for being the first in-studio contestant.

“Mark gave her a mug and t-shirt for being the first in history to be in our audience,” the show wrote on Instagram.

Mark Delivers Gifts to Tabitha in Person

Mark also shared a reel on his personal Instagram page showing him delivering the gifts to Tabitha in the audience.

“I felt bad that she lost, so I personally delivered her the gifts,” Mark wrote.

The show’s decision to share the reel and Mark’s personal gesture seemed to appease some of the disappointed fans.

“That’s so sweet of Mark,” one fan wrote.

“I’m glad she got something after all,” another fan said.

Live with Kelly and Mark Airs Weekdays on ABC

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.