Kelly Ripa Declines Mark Consuelos’s Impromptu Trip to Italy

In a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, Kelly Ripa revealed that she turned down Mark Consuelos’s offer to accompany him on a whirlwind trip to Italy.

A Weekend Apart

Kelly and Mark are known for their frequent travels, often visiting their son Joaquin at college in Michigan. However, Kelly has no qualms about setting boundaries when it comes to traveling with Mark.

The Proposal and Kelly’s Response

During the show’s popular host chat segment, Mark mentioned their weekend trip and expressed his enthusiasm for their Italian soccer team. To everyone’s surprise, Kelly revealed that she had declined Mark’s invitation to join him in Italy.

Kelly playfully reenacted Mark’s proposal, saying, “‘Do you want to fly with me to Italy for twenty-four hours?'” She couldn’t help but express her surprise at his request, asking, “Have we met?”

Kelly’s Conditions for an Italian Vacation

Kelly explained that she would love to visit Italy, but only under certain conditions. She prefers extended vacations or retirement trips rather than quick one-day excursions.

Mark’s Instagram Post

Mark shared a video of their daughter Lola Consuelos, who lives in London, visiting him in Italy. Lola’s presence seemed to make up for Kelly’s absence.

Lola’s Excitement

Lola was thrilled that their soccer team, Campobasso Wolves, won their games. Fans hope to see more of Lola in the future.

Live with Kelly and Mark

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