Katy Perry Says Goodbye to American Idol After 7 Seasons

Katy Perry is bidding farewell to American Idol after seven seasons as a judge. The singer made the announcement during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night.

Why is Katy Perry Leaving American Idol?

Perry cited a desire to focus on her music career and a need for a change of pace. She explained that she would be performing at a music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio and that she wanted to “feel that pulse of my own beat” again.

Perry’s Controversial Tenure on American Idol

Perry’s time on American Idol was not without controversy. She was accused of being a bully by a contestant’s father, and there were reports that she wanted to quit the show following backlash and a bad edit.

American Idol’s Future

With Perry’s departure, American Idol is facing a major shakeup. It is unclear whether the show will continue with a rotating panel of judges or if it will undergo a significant overhaul.

Katy Perry’s Upcoming Projects

Perry is currently working on her seventh studio album, which is expected to be released in the summer of 2023. She will also be performing at the Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil in the fall.