Joy-Anna Duggar’s Hilarious Attempt at Bottle-Feeding a Lamb

Joy-Anna Duggar shared an update on her busy week with her followers. She had her siblings and mom, Michelle Duggar, over for dinner. Her younger sister, Jennifer Duggar, brought her recently purchased lamb for the visit.

Joy-Anna’s Struggle with Bottle-Feeding the Lamb

As Joy-Anna held the lamb and talked to the camera, she revealed that Jenny takes care of several other lambs at the Duggar compound. She showed off the little white lamb, complete with a diaper, wrapped in a blanket. It was estimated to weigh about three pounds.

Joy-Anna attempted to vlog and feed the lamb simultaneously, but she struggled to get it to eat and find a comfortable position to feed it. She eventually handed the phone to Josie Duggar, who tried to coach her big sister on how to feed the lamb the bottle. After several unsuccessful attempts, they gave up and put the lamb on the floor for Evelyn and Gideon to see and play with.

Joy-Anna and Austin’s Quality Time

After the whirlwind visit with her siblings and mom, Joy-Anna spent some quality time with her husband, Austin Forsyth, without the kids. They worked together clearing trees and brush off their land, making good progress.

Despite spending time together, Austin appears to be on call a lot. They are one of the few Duggar couples who continue to update followers years after their long-running reality TV show ended.