Joey Graziadei’s Popularity on “The Bachelor”: A Reflection of Low Standards for Men

Joey Graziadei is a well-liked figure among viewers of “The Bachelor.” He is known for his kindness, thoughtfulness, and respectful demeanor. However, some viewers are elevating him to an unrealistic standard.

We must remember that we have limited knowledge of Joey. We only know him from Charity Lawson’s season of “The Bachelorette” and two episodes of “The Bachelor.” In the past, we have seen individuals like Gerry Turner, who was initially praised as the “Golden Bachelor,” only to later discover that he was not as perfect as he seemed.

Joey is still young and human, and it is unfair to hold him up as the epitome of manhood.

Joey’s Popularity and Its Impact on Viewership

The popularity of Joey Graziadei is evident in the viewership numbers for “The Bachelor.” The premiere of Joey’s season drew two million more viewers than the premiere of “The Golden Bachelor.” This surge in viewership can be attributed to Joey’s charm and the adoration of “Bachelor Nation” fans.

Joey’s Listening Skills and Respect for Women

Joey’s ability to pay attention to each woman he interacts with is one of the reasons for his popularity. He actively listens, respects, and understands women, which is a refreshing change from previous “Bachelor” stars who lacked these skills.

Joey as the Standard for Men: A Cause for Concern

However, some viewers have taken Joey’s behavior as a sign that he is the standard by which all men should be judged. This is concerning because it suggests that our expectations for men are incredibly low.

The fact that we are impressed by a man simply listening and caring shows how low the bar is. Men should be held to a higher standard than just making eye contact and wiping away tears.


As the season progresses, we will learn more about Joey and his true character. In the meantime, we should use this opportunity to reflect on our expectations for men and demand more than just basic decency.