Jess Edwards: The Most Hated Contestant on The Bachelor Season 28

Jess Edwards has quickly become one of the least popular contestants on Season 28 of The Bachelor. Her bold personality and resemblance to Susie Evans have not won her any fans.

Interrupting Joey Graziadei

In Week 1, Jess angered the other women in the mansion when she interrupted Joey for a second sit-down with him. This was just the beginning of her attention-seeking behavior.

Opening Up About Relationship Trauma

When Jess got more time alone with Joey, she opened up about relationship trauma that made her nervous about opening up to him. She told him that she lost herself in her last relationship because her partner cheated on her. She felt a spark with Joey right away and admitted that she was feeling it fast for him, too.

Joey empathized with Jess and helped her feel safe around him. He even gave her the group date rose, much to the disappointment of viewers.

Viewer Reactions

Bachelor Nation is not a fan of Jess. Social media is flooded with negative comments about her. Many viewers find her annoying and attention-seeking. They also don’t like that she got the group date rose.

Joey’s Defense of Jess

Joey seems to be the only one who likes Jess. He has defended her on social media, saying that she is a “great girl” and that people are being too hard on her.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.