Jenny McCarthy Criticized for Her Artificial-Looking Teeth

Jenny McCarthy recently shared a selfie with her dentist, Dr. Lodding, on Instagram, expressing her satisfaction with his services. However, many critics commented on her noticeably artificial-looking teeth.

Naysayers Question the Authenticity of Jenny’s Teeth

Several skeptics expressed their belief that Jenny’s teeth were not natural. Comments like “It also helps when all ur teeth r fake” and “Them fake ones look shiny” were common. Some even directly asked if she had veneers, with one user saying, “Veneers -full disclosure.”

Jenny and Donnie Wahlberg Praise Dr. Lodding’s Dental Office

Despite the criticism, Jenny and her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, are enthusiastic supporters of Dr. Lodding’s dental practice. They have both shared videos on Instagram praising the office and staff. Jenny likened her experience there to visiting a relative’s house, while Donnie described it as “relaxing and incredibly satisfying.”

Jenny’s Teeth: Real or Fake?

Whether Jenny’s teeth are real or fake remains a topic of debate. While some commenters pointed out that natural teeth are not typically as white as hers, others argued that she has the means to maintain a bright smile through professional treatments. Ultimately, the authenticity of her teeth is a matter of speculation.