Ginger Zee’s Valentine’s Day Advice Draws Criticism

Ginger Zee, the chief meteorologist for Good Morning America, recently shared her thoughts on Valentine’s Day and its impact on the environment. While some people appreciated her eco-friendly suggestions, others criticized her for “ruining” the holiday.

Valentine’s Day and the Environment

Zee pointed out that Valentine’s Day can be “heartbreaking for the planet” due to the shipping-related carbon dioxide emissions associated with imported flowers and the use of plastic-wrapped gifts. She suggested alternative gift ideas, such as houseplants, starter seeds, homemade cards, and experiences, to reduce the holiday’s environmental impact.

Critics Accuse Zee of “Ruining” Valentine’s Day

Some people in the comments section of Zee’s Instagram post expressed their displeasure with her suggestions. They felt that she was taking her love of Mother Earth too far and that her recommendations were “just plain silly.” One user even told Zee that she needed to “learn when to speak and when to stay silent.”

Zee Defends Her Eco-Friendly Practices

Despite the criticism, Zee remains unbothered and continues to encourage others to join her eco-friendly endeavors. She recently participated in the #NoNewClothes challenge on social media, where she has not purchased any new clothing items or shoes for 19 months. Zee is also known for wearing a pair of Ugg boots with holes in them, instead of buying a new pair.


Ginger Zee’s Valentine’s Day advice sparked a debate about the holiday’s environmental impact. While some people appreciated her eco-friendly suggestions, others felt that she was taking her efforts too far. Zee, however, remains unfazed by the criticism and continues to promote sustainable practices.