Ginger Zee’s Fans Worried About Her Safety Amid California Storms

Ginger Zee’s job often takes her to dangerous places, and her fans are concerned for her safety. Currently, she’s covering the torrential downpours in Los Angeles County, California.

Covering the Storms in California

As the Chief Meteorologist/Chief Climate Correspondent at ABC News, Ginger travels to the frontlines of storms. In California, she’s been capturing footage of the life-threatening weather conditions, including flash flooding and landslides. She’s shared videos of the devastation on Instagram, meeting with affected residents.

In one Instagram Reel, Ginger stood dangerously close to the edge of the L.A. River, clad in waterproof storm gear. She captioned the post, “Wild to see the LA river with rapids – more than a month’s worth of rain in just the last 12 hours and we will have non-stop rain for the next 24 hours! Landslides & water rescues already happening!”

Fans’ Concern for Ginger’s Safety

Ginger’s fans expressed their concern for her safety in the comments section. Many urged her to be careful and stay safe. One fan wrote, “Be safe ginger zee 🙏,” while another begged her to “Please be careful.”

Ginger’s Dedication to Her Work

Despite her fans’ concerns, Ginger remained dedicated to her job. In another Instagram Reel, she recreated a scene from the movie Grease, sitting on the side of the L.A. River during a drag race. She sang the first line of Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee, showing her fans how flooded the area had become.

Ginger planned to stay in Los Angeles until the rain stopped, even though it meant putting herself in harm’s way. Ironically, her storm coverage coincided with National Weatherperson’s Day.

Celebrating National Weatherperson’s Day

Ginger marked National Weatherperson’s Day by posting a photo on her Instagram Story. She posed with a super fan in Times Square, New York City, with the caption “Happy National Weather Person Day.”