Family Feud: Steve Harvey’s Bodybuilder Impression Leaves Contestant and Audience in Stitches

Steve Harvey’s comedic talent shines once again on Family Feud. During a recent episode, he had viewers and contestants in stitches with his impromptu slapstick performance.

Steve’s Hilarious Impersonation

When asked the survey question, “If they made a statue of you, name a part you’d hope they’d make a little bigger than it really is,” contestant Carolyn answered, “Those nice, thick thighs, Steve.”

Steve couldn’t resist cracking a joke, asking Carolyn if she had seen bodybuilders. He then proceeded to give his best impression of a bodybuilder, popping one leg and thrusting it around while making an “Oomph” sound.

Miss Carolyn’s Agreement

Miss Carolyn agreed with Steve, saying, “That’s right, all the muscle.” Steve added, “Miss Carolyn likes that,” while the crowd enjoyed the exchange.

Audience Reaction

Family Feud viewers and social media users were amused by the hilarious interaction. One fan commented, “Miss [Carolyn] knows what’s up,” while another said, “Get it girl 🔥🔥🔥.”

Steve’s Ongoing Entertainment

Steve’s shenanigans on stage are always entertaining. He not only oversees the game of Family Feud but also infuses humor into every episode, making for some amusing weeknight television.

Previous Impressions

Recently, Steve also had viewers cracking up with his impression of a woman wearing a push-up bra while leaning over a loved one’s casket. His playful, unrehearsed escapades continue to amuse his audience.