Family Feud Contestant’s Answer Stuns Steve Harvey: “I Can’t Believe How Dumb You Are!”

Steve Harvey’s Hilarious Reaction to a Contestant’s Answer

Steve Harvey was left in disbelief after a Family Feud contestant’s shocking answer. Known for his witty remarks and hilarious interactions with contestants, Steve didn’t hold back when Kyle, a contestant, responded to the survey question, “Name something you would never do again if your wife didn’t force you to.”

Kyle’s Blunt Answer Leaves Steve Speechless

Without hesitation, Kyle blurted out, “Get married.” The studio audience, Kyle’s teammates, and even the opposing team erupted in laughter. However, Steve wasn’t amused. He tapped his cue cards, briefly looked away from Kyle, and then turned to Kyle’s wife, Carla, for confirmation.

Carla’s Response and Steve’s Stern Message

Carla clarified, “I did not force him to get married.” Steve replied, “It’s okay, Carla,” before delivering a stern message to Kyle. “You can’t believe how stupid you are!” he exclaimed.

Kyle’s Answer Earns a Fourth-Place Spot

Despite Steve’s reaction, Kyle’s answer wasn’t entirely unique. Eleven other surveyed individuals gave the same response, earning Kyle a fourth-place answer instead of a red X. After his correct answer appeared on the board, Kyle playfully kissed his wife, who pretended to be unimpressed.

Family Feud Viewers Find Humor in the Situation

Family Feud viewers took to social media to express their amusement at Kyle’s answer and Steve and Carla’s reactions. Many commented on the humor of the situation, with some joking about Kyle’s fate after giving such an answer.

Steve Harvey’s Comedic Talent Enhances the Show

Steve Harvey’s comedic talent adds an extra layer of entertainment to the show. His witty comebacks and one-liners have become a staple of Family Feud, and viewers eagerly anticipate his impromptu remarks.