Family Feud Contestant’s Answer Leaves Steve Harvey and Audience in Stitches

Hilarious Response Goes Viral

A Family Feud contestant’s response left host Steve Harvey in hysterics and the audience roaring with laughter. During a recent episode, Donald, a contestant competing with his family, was asked, “If it weren’t for the Italians, we’d never know the heavenly taste of what food?”

Donald’s Unexpected Answer

With confidence, Donald slapped the podium and declared, “Italian dressing!” The response caught everyone by surprise, and Steve couldn’t contain his laughter. He had to walk away from the podium, clutching his stomach as he tried to regain composure. The moment was made even more hilarious when the Family Feud producers added a sound effect of glass shattering.

Mixed Reactions from Viewers

Donald’s answer divided viewers on social media. Some found it hilarious, pointing out that Italians are better known for other dishes like pizza and lasagna. Others, however, were less impressed, calling the answer “embarrassing” and “uninformed.”

Steve Harvey’s Reaction

Steve Harvey, known for his quick wit and comedic timing, couldn’t help but laugh at Donald’s unexpected response. He tossed his cue cards across the stage, clearly amused by the contestant’s answer.

Steve Harvey’s Popularity as Family Feud Host

Steve Harvey has become a beloved host of Family Feud, known for his infectious energy and ability to connect with contestants and viewers. He has hosted the show since 2010 and has also hosted the relaunched edition of Celebrity Family Feud with Steve Harvey since 2015.