Did Pat Sajak Mishear a Contestant’s Answer on Wheel of Fortune?

Did Pat Sajak Cheat a Contestant Out of a Win?

Wheel of Fortune viewers are accusing Pat Sajak of mishearing a contestant’s correct answer. The incident occurred during a recent episode of the show’s NFL Superfan Tournament.

Contestant Cleo was confident he knew the answer to a puzzle when he was left with the letters “ E

R E T / H A D H ” on the board in the “Thing” category. He rang his buzzer and told Pat his guess was “Secret Head Shake.”

Pat’s Response

Pat initially gave Cleo the green light, but then realized that Cleo’s answer was incorrect. He said, “That’s it… oh no, no, that’s not right.”

Viewers’ Reaction

Many viewers at home disagreed with Pat’s ruling. They took to social media to express their belief that Cleo had actually said “Secret Handshake,” which was the correct answer.

Pat’s History of ‘Cheating’ Contestants

This isn’t the first time Pat Sajak has been accused of denying contestants a win due to incorrect answers. In a recent episode, contestant Megan Carvale lost out on $40,000 when she couldn’t come up with “Pink Orchid” during her bonus round puzzle.

Megan’s Response

Megan later admitted that she didn’t actually say “Pink Orchid.” She said she said “Something Orchid” instead.


It’s clear that Pat Sajak’s recent rulings have left some Wheel of Fortune viewers feeling frustrated. It remains to be seen whether the show will address these concerns in the future.