Chris Bukowski Pokes Fun at Joey Graziadei’s Gypsy Rose Mix-Up

Joey’s Mistake

Earlier this week, Joey Graziadei made a hilarious blunder when he mistook Gypsy Rose Blanchard for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This mix-up was particularly amusing considering that one is a convicted murderer, while the other was a respected Supreme Court Justice. Joey immediately realized his mistake and commented that he would never live it down.

Chris Bukowski’s Reaction

Bachelor in Paradise star Chris Bukowski couldn’t resist poking fun at Joey’s pop culture blunder. He told Page Six, “That’s a pretty big mix-up.” However, Bukowski also showed some understanding, saying, “The guy’s probably being asked so many questions, like, you can’t be on all the time.”

Joey’s Busy Schedule

Bukowski’s understanding is justified considering Joey’s busy schedule. He has been filming and promoting The Bachelor, which has likely left him little time to follow the media frenzy surrounding Gypsy Rose’s release from prison.

Joey’s Upcoming Trip to Europe

Despite the embarrassment, Joey is moving forward with his journey on The Bachelor. He is headed to Europe with the remaining 15 women from his cast. Viewers can expect more kissing, romance, and drama during this European adventure.

The Bachelor’s Airing Schedule

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. This week, there will be a special Tuesday episode airing at the same time.