Chief Boden’s Marital Status on Chicago Fire

The Boden Family Drama

Chicago Fire recently delved into the personal life of Chief Wallace Boden, introducing a storyline involving his family. In a February 7 episode, Boden’s stepson Jimmy unexpectedly showed up at Firehouse 51 seeking assistance.

Boden’s First Marriage

Before the start of the Chicago Fire series, Boden was married to a woman named Shonda. They had a son together named Jimmy. However, their relationship didn’t last, and they separated before the first season of the show.

Boden’s Second Marriage

In Season 2 of Chicago Fire, Boden found love again with Donna Robbins. Their whirlwind romance quickly escalated, leading to a proposal and a wedding in the Season 2 finale.

Is Boden Still Married?

Yes, Boden is still married to Donna. They have a son named Terrance together. Donna has appeared less frequently in recent seasons due to the actress’s other commitments. However, Boden often mentions her in conversations with his colleagues.

Donna’s Last Appearance

Donna’s last appearance on Chicago Fire was in a Season 9 episode, where she visited Firehouse 51 to use the Wi-Fi. This led to some humorous interactions with Darren Ritter and Blake Gallo.

Other Chicago Fire News

  • Lead actress Kara Killmer, who plays Sylvie Brett, is leaving Chicago Fire. Brett will move to Portland with Matthew Casey.
  • There are rumors that Taylor Kinney, who plays Kelly Severide, may also be leaving the show. However, Severide has promised his wife, Stella Kidd, that he will return.
  • Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are available for streaming on Peacock.