Captain Lee’s Departure from Below Deck: What Happened?

Below Deck Season 11 marks a new era without Captain Lee Rosbach, the beloved Stud of the Sea who launched the hit yachting franchise in 2013. Despite health issues that sidelined him in previous seasons, Captain Lee’s absence this time is permanent.

Why Isn’t Captain Lee on Below Deck?

The simple reason is that Captain Lee wasn’t asked back. Rumors of his departure circulated last winter, and Captain Lee confirmed that the producers and Bravo decided not to renew his contract for Season 11. The show, he said, was taking a different direction, which he found clichéd.

Captain Lee’s Response

Despite the change, Captain Lee holds no grudges against Bravo or 51 Minds, the production company behind Below Deck. He has repeatedly expressed his willingness to return to the series that made him a household name.

Captain Lee’s New Ventures

After leaving Below Deck, Captain Lee has kept himself busy with various projects. He reunited with his former co-star Kate Chastain for a commentary show, Couch Talk With Captain Lee and Kate, and launched a podcast, Salty with Captain Lee, which features interviews with familiar Bravo faces.

In 2024, Captain Lee announced his involvement in a new true crime series called Deadly Waters, where he will host episodes focusing on murder on the water.

Will Captain Lee Be Missed?

Below Deck Season 11 will undoubtedly feel different without Captain Lee Rosbach at the helm. However, fans can still catch up with him on Peacock, where seasons 1-10 of Below Deck are streaming.