Brittany Mahomes’ Viral Reaction to Her Brother’s Denied Entry at Pre-Super Bowl Concert

Ahead of the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, and her family are already in the spotlight.

Brittany Mahomes and her friends arrived in Las Vegas for pre-game festivities, including a popular concert. However, her brother, Jackson Mahomes, was denied entry to the same area where she was.

Brittany’s Reaction Caught on Camera

A video captured by fans shows Brittany in a white fur coat and black leather pants talking to a security guard. Jackson is seen smiling and trying to enter the section, but the guard denies him. Brittany looks toward him off-camera and shrugs her shoulders, as if to say, “Not my problem!”

Fans React to the Incident

Due to Jackson’s controversial past, many TikTok comments celebrated him not getting to hang out with his sister. Some even suggested that Brittany’s reaction made them like her more.

Brittany’s Rising Profile

Brittany has gained significant attention as the wife of superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Her friendship with singer Taylor Swift, who is dating Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, has further increased her celebrity profile.

Brittany’s Appearance at the Super Bowl

Brittany and Taylor are likely to be shown on TV celebrating big plays by their significant others during the Super Bowl. This could potentially change the perception of Brittany among some viewers.