Big Brother 26: A New House for the Cast?

Rumors are already circulating about the upcoming season of Big Brother, and one of the most intriguing is the possibility of a new house for the BB26 cast.

A New Home for Big Brother?

The current Big Brother house has been the show’s home for nearly 20 seasons, but switching things up can sometimes be a good thing. Big Brother: Reindeer Games took some risks with the layout, showing that it’s possible to spice things up at the old lot.

Rumors from Social Media

A social media user named Fair Play Bella posted that there is a new house for Big Brother 26. This account has shared Big Brother spoilers in the past and presents itself as someone working with production.

Fair Play Bella made a simple post this weekend that reads, “new bb26 house.” The simple post also featured a GIF with the words, “LET’S GET TO SHOPPING.”

When asked if she meant it would be a new house or theme, Fair Play Bella states it will be a new house, raising some questions about the location.

More Big Brother News

  • The Big Brother 26 season won’t begin until Summer 2024.
  • Big Brother 21 alum Christie Murphy gave birth to twins.
  • Dan Gheesling suggested several alums for The Traitors 3.
  • Some fans feel Cirie Fields may have been traumatized by BB25.

Big Brother returns in Summer 2024 on CBS.