Ben Willoughby Opens Up About His Messy Split with Camille Lamb

Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb’s Below Deck romance was short-lived and ended on a sour note.

The Breakup

After the show wrapped, Ben flew to Florida to be with Camille, but he soon discovered that she had been unfaithful. He said, “I found out that she wasn’t sort of faithful towards me.”

Ben was left stranded in America with no support. He admitted it was a difficult time, but he learned from the experience.

The Aftermath

Ben and Camille don’t talk anymore. The breakup was messy and lasted for about four weeks.

Despite the messy breakup, Ben wishes Camille the best.

Below Deck Season 11

Ben is looking forward to his second stint on Below Deck. He teased that he has boatmances with two women in two different departments.

The new season will have a different vibe without Captain Lee Rosbach. Ben thinks Captain Kerry Titheradge brings a “breath of fresh air” to the show.