Ashley Park Returns to Emily in Paris After Septic Shock

Back on Set

Ashley Park, known for her role as Mindy in the Netflix comedy Emily in Paris, has returned to work on the show’s fourth season after recovering from critical septic shock.

Park shared a photo on Instagram of Mindy’s wardrobe, marking her first day back on set. She expressed her intention to take it slow and steady while stepping back into Mindy’s shoes.

Septic Shock Ordeal

In January, Park revealed that she was hospitalized for septic shock during the Christmas and New Year period. The illness spiraled into a critical condition, affecting several of her organs.

Park thanked her co-star Paul Forman for his unwavering support during her ordeal. He stayed by her side through ambulance rides, hospital stays, and countless medical procedures.

Fan Support

Fans expressed their well wishes and support for Park after her initial announcement about her illness. She was deeply moved and thankful for the messages of encouragement.

Mindy’s Role in Emily in Paris

Mindy has been a close friend of Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) since the show’s premiere in 2020. Park’s presence in the series has grown as the show has progressed.

Despite the show’s highs and lows, Mindy remains one of the consistently written characters, making Park’s return to work a welcome news for fans.

Season 4 Premiere Date

Emily in Paris Season 4 was affected by the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes last year, delaying production. Filming recently wrapped up in Paris, but a confirmed premiere date is yet to be announced.

Given the show’s format and lack of special effects, a late 2024 or early 2025 release is possible. Netflix will likely consider its other delayed shows to avoid releasing too many simultaneously.

Emily in Paris is currently on hiatus, with Season 4 expected to premiere in late 2024 or early 2025.