Ana Navarro’s Profanity Shocks Sunny Hostin on The View

Sunny’s Reaction

Sunny Hostin was visibly flustered when her co-host, Ana Navarro, dropped a string of expletives during a segment on The View. The incident occurred while the ladies were discussing President Biden’s use of profanity. Ana’s language was so bad that it was immediately bleeped out. Sunny looked off-stage towards the producers as if she wanted them to step in and censor Ana. She then took the floor and started her reply, seemingly getting Ana to stop.

Ana’s History of Swearing on The View

Ana has a history of swearing on The View. She has been caught on camera using curse words on multiple occasions. The censors are always on standby when Ana is speaking, just in case she drops a bomb. Ana has even complained to the show’s executive producer, Brian Teta, about the bleeping.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Double Standard

Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s moderator, has also been known to swear on the air. However, she seems to get away with it more than Ana. This has led to some accusations of a double standard.

Fan Reaction

Fans of The View are divided on the issue of profanity. Some viewers find it refreshing that the hosts are not afraid to speak their minds. Others find it offensive and inappropriate.


The View is a popular daytime talk show that often sparks controversy. The hosts’ use of profanity is just one of the many things that viewers love to debate.