9-1-1 Season 7: A Cruise Ship Disaster Disrupts Bobby and Athena’s Honeymoon

Season 7 Premiere Spoilers

In March, 9-1-1 will make its move from FOX to ABC, and fans are eagerly anticipating the Season 7 premiere. The first episode promises to be one of the most thrilling yet, featuring a shocking cruise ship disaster that derails Bobby and Athena’s honeymoon.

A Massive Disaster

9-1-1 is known for its large-scale disasters, and Season 7’s premiere takes it to a whole new level. The episode, titled “Abandon Ships,” hints at a distress call and a chaotic scene as people frantically fight for their lives.

Bobby and Athena’s Honeymoon Interrupted

Bobby and Athena’s long-awaited honeymoon is cut short when duty calls. They find themselves caught in the midst of the cruise ship disaster, using their first responder expertise to bring order and save lives.

Colleagues and Loved Ones Rush to Help

As news of the disaster reaches land, Bobby and Athena’s colleagues and loved ones, including Buck, Hen, and Eddie, are eager to join the rescue mission. However, the distance between their jurisdiction and the cruise liner may pose a challenge.

Budget and Promotion

9-1-1 typically invests heavily in its annual disaster events, and Season 7’s premiere is no exception. ABC is reportedly spending more money than ever to promote the show and attract viewers.

Competition on Thursdays

Thursdays are a competitive night for TV, with NBC’s Law & Order universe dominating the ratings. 9-1-1 will face stiff competition, but ABC is pairing it with the long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy in hopes of boosting viewership.

Crossovers and Unanswered Questions

Crossovers with 9-1-1: Lone Star are unlikely due to the spinoff still airing on FOX. Many unanswered questions surround 9-1-1’s move to ABC, but fans are excited for the Titanic-like season premiere on March 14th.